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has different rules
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Optimising your effectiveness

We see ourselves as part of your premium product for your customers and work in your interests.

Our range of services in a worldwide network offer logistics solutions from a single source. In a nutshell: we add another element to your premium product  with event logistics. We offer a variety of solutions from A to Z and from a single source. As part of your overall concept, we contribute to the realisation of your ambitious business plans. We develop traffic concepts on request. If you wish, we can support your negotiations with the site operator.

We use different approaches to support your financial planning for a specific trade fair project.

Your contact:
Denny Steude
+49 341 5204 3014


Advantages for your exhibitors

A designated project manager will personally and intensively attend to the needs of each exhibitor. User-friendly shipping instructions reduce bureaucracy in transport planning and implementation. Seamless support for your exhibitor service through our customer-oriented support.


Our team of experts accompanies the transport with the proper and timely delivery to the exhibition stand:

Collection and consignment management

  • Transport to the exhibition grounds
  • Customs clearance (if necessary)
  • Interface management.

Processing at the exhibition centre

  • Trade fair office
  • Unloading the delivery vehicles
  • Delivery to the exhibition stand
  • Storage of empty packaging material
  • Provision of forklift trucks, transport workers
  • Flexible service for all exhibitor requirements
  • Proactive advice to exhibitors for return transport.

Value creation

By taking the workload off you, you have the freedom to look after your customers.

Options for increasing profits

Our concepts reduce heavy goods traffic and contribute to environmental protection.

Our economic situation allows us to completely pre-finance projects in all areas: Transport, handling, customs.

Law and liability

All liability issues are covered by a general policy through our partner Schunck Group Internationaler Assekuranz Makler. As an internationally active trade fair logistics provider, we are familiar with the observance of local social regulations and occupational health and safety laws. In this way, we make your product a little safer.

Soft skills

Highly educated and trained staff, with a high dregree of social competence, represent your corporate policy in dealing with your customers.

We communicate with your exhibitors in your national language thanks to our worldwide network of agents. Our multilingual staff look forward to actively supporting your customers at your trade fair venue.


Guaranteed quality through certification according to DIN EN ISO 9000:2008

Guaranteed sustainability through certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009

Self-commitment to comply with the “Standards of Performance” quality standard for trade fair forwarders, including auditing by international trade fair logistics committees.

CretschmarCargo and your exhibitors

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, CretschmarCargo is structured like 88 % of all exhibitors and thus is on the same wavelength as its customers.

Congress logistics – special requirements always in focus!

Often, congresses with an associated industry exhibition do not take place on the large exhibition grounds, but instead in hotels, congress centres, special locations, function halls or town halls. Each of these venues places individual demands on the planning of your event from the perspective of a trade fair logistics provider. The professionals at Cretschmar MesseCargo evaluate exactly what technology is needed to precisely meet all the requirements. In addition to the floor load capacity, the opening dimensions and the applicable rules of the game at your chosen venue, we naturally also take into account the official requirements. In this respect, fire brigade requirements have to be fulfilled just as much as, for example, requirements for the protection of historical monuments or building statics. We also keep a close eye on the special traffic situation that prevails on site and find the perfect solution for your event via our traffic control.

Hotel logistics – we create the infrastructure

Exhibitions, trade fairs and events in hotels always present a challenge. In these locations, several factors have to be considered equally. It is important to comply with the hotel operator’s regulations, to cause as little noise and carbon emissions as possible and to create a functioning infrastructure that takes into account all aspects and requirements that your individual product demands.

The following are very common:

  • Lack of technical equipment (e.g. forklift trucks)
  • Low floor bearing capacities (often only 500 kg / sqm)
  • Restricted clearances (e.g. narrow and low doorways, narrow corridors, landings, stairs, etc.)

In addition, there are official requirements and restrictions, such as the lack of storage facilities for packaging material due to fire regulations or quiet times to be observed due to requirements of the public order office.

Please contact the specialists at Cretschmar MesseCargo as early as possible to plan your hotel trade fair. We have the right solution for every technical challenge!

Traffic control – with planning for success

A city centre location often leads to traffic-related complications. The lack of parking facilities for trucks and vans and the limited infrastructure of the venue cause considerable inconveniences. We are very familiar with this or similar cases. Here, too, we use targeted measures to ensure smooth processing. From the allocation of time slots and the assignment of unloading zones to the immediate unloading of the vehicles, the professionals at Cretschmar MesseCargo plan the delivery logistics with precision. For deliveries to particularly critical venues, we set up external warehouses in advance to consolidate the consignments and deliver them with just one movement. This is good for the environment, puts scheduling on a firm footing and ensures the highest level of handling quality.

  • Presentation at the International Summer University of the UFI.
  • Cooperation with the Institute for Trade Fair Management at the University of Cologne.
  • Presentation on trade fair logistics at the Fraunhofer Institute.
  • Lecturers at the “Winter Seminar” of the International Association of Trade Fair Forwarders.
  • “Logistics” Examination Committee of the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • Recognised training company by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Düsseldorf.


If you are interested in accessing our trade fair references, please contact Denny.Steude@cretschmar.de.

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