We live and
breathe Agents!


We live and breathe Agents !

Our agents are very important to us and it is our ambition to help and assist you with any exhibition freight logistics project shipping to or from Germany.

As a member of the International Exhibition Logistics Association (IELA), we provide quality in our services in compliance with the Charter of IELA Standards of Performance.

If you are a Domestic Agent…

… and looking for an Export Agent in Germany, you will find us being a responsible and dedicated partner to handle any type exhibition in your local market.

Please refer to the basics that work for you (Your benefits) to make yourself familiar in which way we can contribute to your success.

To communicate with us, please contact Ute Wiezorrek at Ute.Wiezorrek@cretschmar.de or direct line at +49 (0)211 7401 1279.

If you are an Export Agent…

… and looking for a Domestic Agent in Germany to handle your exhibition freight in Duesseldorf, Leipzig, Stuttgart or any German Exhibition Venue, you will find Cretschmar MesseCargo being extremely responsive to your requirements and particular needs.

We are receiving freight in any German sea- or airport and carry out all customs work with our in-house Customs House Brokerage, providing our own bonds for temporary imports. You will find us on site at most capital goods exhibitions in Germany, bridging the gap between you in your country and your customer on exhibition site in Germany.

You want to find out more, please contact Heinz Latham at heinz.latham@cretschmar.de or direct line at +49 (0)211 7401 1615.

The basics that work for you.

Proactive approach to selling mutual services by telephone and through personal visits to exhibitors.

Updates on sales activities in the lead up to the exhibition.

Accurate documentation and compliance with site agents instructions.

Clear and informative pre-alerts

Payment of invoices within agreed terms.

Knowledgeable and experienced staff.