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The international trade fair business is picking up again. For us, every qualified trade fair venue worldwide is like a second home. For you as an exhibitor, our trade fair service means unimagined benefits. You save time, money and headaches. Promise!

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Ute Wiezorrek

+49 211 7401 1279


We are there for you so that you can concentrate on your trade fair task.

  • Personal support from CMC staff
  • Relieve your employees’ workload with:
    – Entrance control
    – checking in of the delivering trucks
    – supervision of unloading
    – delivery to the exhibition stand
    – The same applies, of course, to the end phase of the trade fair
  • A contact person for short-term dispositions. For example
    – forklifts and cranes for set-up/dismantlin
    – storage of empties and full loads

To provide your stand with the best possible technical and administrative support, we will be happy to organise additional space for you in the form of a stand:

  • Office and storage containers of various types or even
  • complete container systems

Any associated services can be ordered via CC.

Please refer to the “Container types” list to get an idea of the wide range of design options.

By involving our in-house customs department or our trade fair partners, we can offer you the complete customs portfolio you need for your trade fair consignment:

  • Temporary or permanent import into the country of destination
  • Bond fee = customs security deposit/customs bond
  • Export declaration/MRN
  • Carnet ATA
  • Certificate of origin

We can support you in preparing customs documents or even take care of them entirely for you.

Congresses are usually held in smaller congress grounds, which have other special requirements for logistics than a large exhibition centre. E.g.

  • Delivery potentially more difficult for HGVs (as e.g. city centre location)
  • No storage facilities
  • Smaller lifts, so that large packages have to be dismantled beforehand
  • Overcoming stairs

We know this and are able to satisfy the requiremetns of all parties involved in such events.

Complete and partial lots

A modern fleet of different vehicle types with the highest technical standards is at your disposal for your transports.

As required/According to individual customer needs:

  • Planensprinter (mit Hebebühne)
  • 7,5-tonne trucks (with lifting platform)
  • 12-tonne trucks (with lifting platform)
  • curtainsider trailers
  • trailer combinations
  • jumbo trucks
  • low-loaders
  • thermo trucks

Loading and unloading by crane is also possible depending on the type of truck! Proportionate utilisation of a truck can also be booked as a partial load.

Collective cargo and general cargo

Even if you don’t need an entire truck for transport, your consignment is in good hands with us!

Your consignment is shipped via a comprehensive general cargo network throughout Europe

This service offers a high level of reliability as well as flexibility to meet the changing requirements of our customers!

Special transports

Excess width, excess height are no problem for us. We identify and arrange for the appropriate vehicle, including obtaining any necessary permits, for this topic too.

Even loading at the customer’s factory is no problem.

Typical for trade fair supplies: Despite careful preparation and planning, you are faced with having to make an important dispatch at the very last minute.

Before you seek out a classic courier service in a knee-jerk reaction, consider the risks of this disposition. It is quite possible that your shipment will not arrive at your stand on time despite clear advertising claims. Due to the special nature of trade fair transport, there are two critical interfaces for a last-minute shipment with a classic courier service:

Customs clearance

Aside from within the European Union, customs clearance of the courier shipment must always take place in every country of destination.

A customs operator must be appointed for each customs clearance and has to be a domestic company. As an exhibitor with a temporarily rented exhibition stand, you cannot be declared as a customs participant in a customs procedure.

Even if your shipment is duty-free in most countries, import duties still have to be paid in almost all countries, comparable to import VAT in the European Union. A courier service will not disburse these costs.

Finally, a courier service will never be able to clear customs for temporary imports.

All these obstacles can lead to your consignment not being released by customs or being released late, and not being available to you when the exhibition begins.

Delivery to the stand

A courier driver only has a very limited amount of time to deliver your consignment to the exhibition stand during a demanding working day with many delivery addresses. Entering the exhibition grounds, finding a parking space, finding the hall and then finding the stand not only takes a lot of time but also a certain amount of resourcefulness. In reality, the “Recipient not found” notification slip has been filled out before arrival at the fair.

Even if all obstacles have been overcome and the driver has found your stand (even though it may not yet be set up or marked with stand number and company name),  they will not leave the consignment at the stand without a receipt of delivery. The delivery driver will take the consignment back.

That is perhaps a good aspect as a box of promotional items, for example, will hardly be able to be hidden from potential thieves.

Your customised solution

Cretschmar MesseCargo will not subject your “late shipment” to a standardised and rigid system. As no unnecessary costs should be incurred with all the urgency of the transport, we will develop the package that is exactly right for you from a variety of options with absolute deadline security at costs that are below the rates of ordinary courier services.

We feed trade fair shipments by sea freight into the Cretschmar Group’s own sea freight services.

We offer following possibilities:

  • FCL = full container/individual advice regarding the right container
  • LCL = general cargo/in own consolidated containers to the world’s most important seaports

When standard does not meet your needs: RoRo transports, break bulk and charter complete the offered sea freight services.

Shipping via Cretschmar Navis GmbH with branches in Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona.

Air freight shipments are dispatched via the in-house air freight department, which, as a licensed IATA agent and regulated agent, is based in the DUS Air Cargo Center directly at Düsseldorf Airport.

We are thus able to offer worldwide import and export transport in express, scheduled and groupage services.

A Secure, resealable packaging for trade fairs is important

Please bear in mind that you or your colleagues will also need to repack your consignment safely at the stand for return transport after the fair. Cardboard boxes are thus only suitable to a limited extent, and with wooden boxes you should preferably use screws instead of nails.

Depending on the type of shipment and transport route, wooden crates, flight cases, robber boxes, pallets, machine bases, crates, etc. are suitable! We will be happy to provide you personal advice!

We recommend vacuum packaging for machines and sensitive equipment to prevent condensation on the goods due to climate fluctuations at the place of loading and the place of receipt.

We will be happy to help you with the procurement of packaging incl. packaging of the exhibition goods (if required).