In case you’re ever
in a tight spot.


In case you don’t have any storage space at your location, we have eight modern, quickly accessible and different locations throughout Germany and Europe to bring your goods under wraps. Need storage space? Looking for tailored-made solutions? We have the right space for you available around the clock. Or are you looking for professionals to take over warehouse management at your plant location? Bet we can bring it!

Comprehensive contract logistics solutions

  • 130,000 m² total storage area (this corresponds to approx. 18 football stadiums), 9 locations in Germany also with direct rail connection
  • Storage of dangerous goods according to TRGS 510, storage classes 12-13, 10, 11, 3,  8A, 8B, 6.1A/B, 2B, 4.1B, 5.1
  • Free storage for goods that are insensitive to weather conditions
  • Port handling of bulk/break bulk cargo at the Neuss site


  • Full-service logistics
  • Paperless order picking
  • Fifo/Batch management
  • BBD monitoring
  • Production supply (packaging, raw materials)

Your contact:
Christiane Thiesen-Jansing

+49 (0)211 7401 1400


Your contact:
Hazardous materials logistics
Thomas Kraft
+49 211 7401 1461

Consumer goods
Thomas Kupfer
+49 211 7401 1700

Inhouse-Hazardous materials storage


Hazardous materials warehouse

  • Service provider for a hazardous materials warehouse (major customer)
  • Four storage sections of storage classes 3, 8A, 8B, 10-13
  • Storage area completely Ex-protected zone
  • WKG 3
  • Daily throughput 400 tonnes
  • Container loading (stuffing & stripping)

Consumer goods

  • Service provider for European central warehouse for detergents and cleaning agents
  • First-level support of technical plants
  • Canal storage, directly connected to production
  • Performance data technical plant:
    – Output 450 LE/h
    – Production input 230 LE/h
    – External input 120 LE/h
  • Capacity:
    – Order picking 3,265 million picks per year
    – Outgoing goods 1,6 million pallets per year

Your contact:
Jens Demuth

+49 341 6592 512


  • Storage of hazardous substances
  • Contract logistics
  • Samples and spare parts storage
  • Fulfilment

Freight forwarding

  • Partial and full loads throughout Germany and Europe
  • General cargo transports throughout Germany and Europe
  • ADR and thermal transports
  • Branch delivery

Your contact:
Thomas Kraft

+49 711 93261 55

  • 6,500 Euro pallet storage spaces
  • Drive-in and narrow aisle Shelving system
  • Active railway siding
  • Type D customs warehouse, customs office in Stuttgart harbour
  • Container loading and unloading (stuffing & stripping)

Your contact:
Heinz-Peter Reingen

+49 2131 122 810

  • Block storage for IFS products and Consumer goods
  • Total storage area 46.000 m²
  • Container unloading
  • Certified according to IFS (International Food Standard)
  • Rhine and canal shipping, Rhine/sea transport, port handling of bulk and general cargo
  • Active railway siding

Your contact:
Thomas Kupfer

+49 3933 824 640

  • 15,000 m² block storage area – multi-user warehouse
  • Batch tracking, FIFO, SSCC management also for internal warehouse processes
  • Production waste disposal
  • Silage BigBags in silo vehicles
  • ISO Tank Container Handling

Contract logistics with Cretschmar – in case you’re in a pinch.

Whatever your company needs in contract logistics, we leave nothing to be desired, whether transport, storage, order picking, we offer you a customised fulfilment solution throughout Germany. All this with the utmost safety because our hazardous goods warehouse is ready for you for special goods and substances. If you are looking for special solutions, choose Cretschmar contract logistics.