When you
have everything
except time.


We have been a recognised IATA air freight agent for almost 75 years and are thus part of a large worldwide network. Your import and export handling, including freight documentation, is in safe hands with us.

Air freight –  the fastest way to your destination

  • Worldwide network of agents
  • Worldwide import and export handling in express, scheduled and collective transport
  • IATA/ICAO dangerous goods certification
  • Regulated agent (DE.RAC.00107-01)
  • Networking with customers, agents, airlines and customs authorities

Your contact:
Frank Zwiebler

+49 211 7401 1510

Air freight with Cretschmar – when you have everything except time.

Even professionals often do not know how to calculate air freight. The cost of air freight pallets varies greatly. Our airfreight logistics experts can help you get your goods into the air easily and quickly. After all, we are one of the leading air freight forwarders in Germany.